Wherever safety and security are critical, Thales in the UK delivers

Who we are

Thales in the UK is a world-leading innovator across the Aerospace, Defence, Ground Transportation, Security and Space industries. We research, develop, manufacture and supply technology and services that impact the lives of millions of people each day. 

Thales in the UK provides innovative and game-changing technology; setting new standards in engineering and technical excellence. We’re continuously developing, refining and honing our products and services to provide our customers with a more efficient, safe and secure experience; whatever the complexity.

The expertise at Thales lies in our people, and with over 6,500 employees at 12 key sites, we make it a priority to continuously support research, development and innovation in the UK.

What we do

Thales in the UK provides world-leading technology for both the civil and defence markets and our products impact the lives of people every day.  

  • Thales is the number one global provider of Air Traffic Management systems
  • Thales secures the information systems of 19 of the world’s 20 largest banks
  • Thales provides the Royal Navy with the key situational awareness sensors and systems to allow the fleet to operate effectively at sea
  • Almost every train in the UK is fitted with the Train Protection and Warning System provided by Thales, helping to keep our railways safer
  • The UK’s first electronic propulsion manufacturing facility in Belfast will make state-of-the art propulsion systems for satellites

Our work is at the forefront of safeguarding people and organisations in the UK, and across the globe. Wherever safety and security are critical, Thales delivers. Together, we innovate with our customers to build smarter solutions, everywhere.