The GROUND Master 200 (GM200) is the medium range radar of Thales GROUND Master family. Based on the same architecture than GM400 (Long range version), GM200 is a multi-mission tactical radar designed to simultaneously fulfill the most demanding operational needs:

  • Air and Surface Surveillance, provides excellent tracking from very low to high altitudes, whatever the environment.
  • Air Defense Weapon Coordination, from VSHORAD to MRAD Systems.
  • Weapon locating capability, providing Rocket Artillery & Mortar detection, together with launch & impact points computation (C-RAM mission).

Highly mobile, GM200 is an all in one solution with a 20ft ISO shelter that can host 2 operator positions. Operated on truck it is deployable in less than 15 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Solid State GaN S band transmission
  • Extended detection range : 250 km surveillance mode / 100 km engagement mode
  • High elevation coverage:  from –7 to 70° in 1 rotation
  • High data renewal rate enabling short reaction time and fast track acquisition
  • Digital stacked beam allowing search of the complete domain at each scan
Thales Group - GROUNDMASTER200 (GM200)

Did you know?
  • GM200 is highly mobile and autonomous with its embedded Power Generation Unit and operator’s work posts
  • G200 tracks all types of targets in any type of environment : hovering helicopters, from Low Slow Small to high maneuvering stealth targets
  • GM200 is Easy to maintain and Easy to use with its two simple modes
  • Launched in 2010, more than 40 GM200 has been sold  and GM200 is already combat proven