#ThalesArduino - only a few steps from the finish line!

With less than a month to go until the winner is announced, now is the time to have your say in who is crowned the Global Project Arduino Champion.

Since the beginning of the project, the Arduino workshops have been delivered at 53 universities worldwide. We received over 1600 student applications and worked with over 350 teams. After some hard-fought technological battles, we have whittled it down to just one winning team per country.  

Our 9 golden country winners are going head to head in the final stage, the public vote, where the top 3 finalists will be nominated. A special Thales jury will then adjudicate and select the final Global winner, which will be announced end of May.

Discover more about the nine finalists and vote for your favourite project by visiting the Thales Arduino website.

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Less than halfway through the voting process, and already a record-breaking number of people taking part!
The voting period will  close on May 18, and your national teams need your support!  The Global winner will be announced on May 28.


Meet the country winners:

  • Team Kiasu (Singapore): Third eye enables industry headquarters to communicate directly with their ground personnel via a headset. The tool also enables the sending of visual and audio data.
  • Team Marshall (Canada): An autonomous visual communication system between ground personnel and pilots for aircraft ground handling and parking. It provides reliable aircraft marshalling at all times regardless of weather conditions without requiring staff to stand in front of a moving plane.
  • Team Measure Inc (Portugal): Capable of measuring spaces at a distance more accurately and efficiently in real time in a device smaller than a smart phone  
  • Team Aircraft Marshaller (China): Alpha-flagger is an Arduino-controlled aircraft marshaller that communicates to a pilot with pre-defined signals. These signals, in the form of hand gestures, strive to correct the airplanes misaligned trajectory on the runway, ensuring it is straight.
  • Team OOD (UK): a wireless sensor module capable of detecting and photographing submerged objects.
  • Team Mesh Detect (USA): designed to provide unrivaled security and situational awareness in any location without reliance on preexisting infrastructure.
  • Team Geo Encryptor (Netherlands):  GeoEncryptor secures communications by using the AES-256 encryption coupled with accurate GPS location and integrating it with static keys (encrypted messages) to make it a dynamic key.
  • Team Skyfall (France): Skyfall is an external module for drones that ensures public safety on the ground in the event of a drone falling mid-flight, which informs the drone user of the incident.
  • Team SpySea (Australia): Works to support existing naval defense operations to provide surveillance using the live camera feed, and can be used for mine hunting, tactical reconnaissance missions, and search and rescue operations.
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More on Project Arduino

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Project Arduino was first created in 2013 in the UK and has since grown to an international competition. Raising brand awareness and engagement through a global campaign, it also helps drive strong and lasting relationships with key universities and prepares the talent pipeline, ultimately leading to early career development and new talent joining Thales. To promote Thales worldwide, the competition brings together live events, awards ceremonies, a digital platform and social media.

Project Arduino offers students the chance to learn more about Thales and our markets, learn new skills, meet new people and work in diverse teams, as well as win some exciting prizes!  Students are taught how to use and program an Arduino by our Thales engineers during workshop sessions held at participating universities.

In teams of 4, students are given three weeks to see how creative they can be under time constraints, having to create an innovative project that is aligned to Thales’s markets using the Arduino platform, as well as produce a video that showcases their idea. Please visit our website for more information www.thalesarduino.com.

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