• Thales Group - Observatories
    Space observatories
    Space observatories have contributed immensely to astronomy by expanding our understanding of star birth, star death, and galaxies.
  • Thales Group - Tore Supra
    Tore Supra
    Tore Supra is a French tokamak that allows researchers to test critical parts of equipment such as plasma facing wall components or superconducting magnets.
  • Thales Group - Wendelstein 7X
    Wendelstein 7X
    The Wendelstein 7-X device aims to demonstrate the suitability of the stellarator device as a power plant.
  • Thales Group - Making flying safer in a world with new challenges
    Making flying safer in a world with new challenges
    Thales Avionics Technical Director Bruno Nouzille looks at the new challenges facing the aerospace sector and tells us what Thales is doing to address them.
  • Thales Group - Toy robots
    Robots unchained
    Manufacturers have long dreamed of mobile, multi-purpose robots capable of performing any task. Could “cobots” be the answer?
  • Thales Group - IFEC
    Above the clouds
    The upshot of installing the best possible IFEC technology is that airlines can derive more revenue, either by selling connectivity or offering ancillary products and travel services through state- of-the-art IFEC system.
  • Thales Group - Rafale
    Rafale: defence of the realm
    The Rafale is the most advanced combat aircraft of its generation.
  • Thales Group - 15 Years of Thales Thumb
    How do you pronounce ‘Thales’?
    Whilst within the organisation, our people are quite comfortable with the pronunciation; to many it is a conundrum worthy of the Greek philosopher with whom the company shares its name.
  • Thales Group - Green
    The more you fly, the more you save

    Protecting the planet is everybody's business. Thales is fully engaged in the movement, working alongside all the other stakeholders in the air transport sector to limit the industry's environmental footprint.

  • Thales Group - Rafale HM1
    The best defence
    European airspace will be better defended than ever before thanks to sophisticated command and control software, which will bolster the military airpower of NATO countries at a time of increasing international tension.
  • Thales Group - Smart transportation
    On the move
    Operators of public transport systems across the world are always on the lookout for ways to improve passenger experience while keeping costs under control and maintaining efficiency.
  • Thales Group - nepal picture
    The human equation
    Disaster relief is no longer limited to food, water, medication and evacuation. In the wake of large scale incidents, technology is proving to be a vital ally, as expert and author Patrick Meier explains in his latest book.
  • Thales Group - Oil Gas
    The ongoing power struggle

    Winning oil and gas is a tough business and security is a growing challenge, both for physical assets and in the digital landscape. How will innovative technology be part of the answer?