Gender Equality Index

Declared a "national worthy cause" by France's President for his five-year term, gender equality is a key priority for the French government. With that in mind, by decree no. 2019-15 of 8 January 2019, a new initiative was launched, the Gender Equality Index, under which French companies with over 50 employees are assessed each year on their success in achieving gender equality in the workplace.

Built around five indicators calculated out of a total of 100 points, the Index measures different gender equality data for each legal entity, including wage gaps, differences in the proportion of men and women receiving raises and promotions, systematic raises for women the year they take maternity leave, and the number of women among the company's top 10 highest-paid employees.
Any company receiving fewer than 75 out of 100 points must define and implement the necessary measures within three years.

Below are the scores (out of 100) obtained by all of the Thales Group's French companies with over 250 employees on 31 December 2018.( 1)  These scores reflect Thales's commitment to achieving greater gender equality at every level of its organisation.

In all of the aspects of gender equality measured by the Index, the Group has put longstanding measures in place to counter any eventual gaps and encourage women's professional development.
In the area of equal pay, since 2006, Thales has set aside an annual budget in France equal to a proportion of its payroll specifically dedicated to dealing with any unjustified gender pay gaps.

Based on its belief that motherhood should not affect women's income, in 2004, in its first framework agreement on gender equality in the workplace, the Group's management and employee representatives in France decided to systematically increase the pay of women on maternity leave by at least the same amount of the pay raise determined for their category of employees in the annual salary policy. Thales subsequently expanded this requirement to 10 other European countries under the IDEA agreement.(2 )

The strong commitment made by the Group management in early 2016 to recruit women (40%) and promote them to the highest levels of responsibility (30%), ensure the presence of at least three women on each management board, and create a diversity and inclusion governance system show how important Thales considers this issue to be.


Scores obtained by the Thales Group's French companies with over 250 employees on 31 December 2018:

Thales SIX GTS France SAS


Thales LAS France SAS


Thales AVS France SAS


Thales DMS France SAS


Thales Alenia Space France


Thales Services SAS


Thales Global Services SAS


Thales SA 89/100
Thales Avionics Electrical Systems SAS 79/100
Trixell 89/100
Revenue Collection Systems France SAS 86/100


( 1) Companies with fewer than 50 employees still fall outside the scope of the Index. In accordance with the terms of decree no. 2019-15 of 8 January 2019 companies with 50 to 250 employees must publish for the first time their total score no later than 1 March 2020.

(2)IDEA: Improving Professional Development Through Effective Anticipation

(3)All French companies within the scope of Thales Group and with more than 250 employees as of December 31st  2018 find themselves above the threshold of 75 points out of 100, with the exception of one for which the necessary measures have been put in place.