• Hi-tech for a safer world

    Hi-tech for a safer world

    Thales Nederland specializes in designing and producing professional electronics for defence and security applications. Besides being the most innovative naval radar developer in the world, Thales is one of the partners in the Dutch national public transport electronic fare system.

  • Innovative radar technology

    Innovative radar technology

    Having developed the world’s first digital fire control radar, the first digital multibeam radar, the first non-rotating active phased array radar, Thales Nederland has established a tradition of innovation. The Integrated Mast and the SMART-L EWC for ballistic missile detection, are recent innovations.

  • Secure vehicle systems

    Secure vehicle systems

    Sotas is a family of modular components that can be assembled and scaled to provide an optimal configuration for all vehicle types and missions.

  • Safe public transport

    Safe public transport

    Thales is actively involved in the Dutch national public transport system with smart switches for the safety of the railroad network and the operation and maintenance of the electronic fare system.

  • The world’s largest naval sensor portfolio

    The world’s largest naval sensor portfolio

    Thales has an in-depth knowledge of platforms, sensors, communication, electronic warfare, navigation and other mission system components as well as the management engineering and integration skills needed to successfully define and realize complete mission system solutions.