Thales in Italia is the Group’s Competence centre for Navaid solutions.

Thales develops and deploys air traffic security systems throughout Italy, supplying both domestic and export markets. The Group designs and supplies a whole range of modern systems for flight assistance, satellite radio navigation, surveillance & advanced surface movement guidance & control systems (ASMGCS), airfield ground lighting (AGL), turnkey electronic airport systems and new generation ATC surveillance systems.
Thales also supplies solutions for air transport, so has to make flying more efficient, comfortable and safer. We design, develop, integrate and sell avionic systems for Italian aerospace companies including airlines, helicopter and aircraft companies. Moreover, the Group also takes care of maintenance support and after-sales business.
Competence centre - Italy is the Thales competence centre for Navigation systems (Conventional Navaids), as regards both production and implementation.
Some references:
  • USAF (agreement – 120 Tacan)
  • Marshall (maintenance 22 years for UK MOD)
  • China – Air traffic management system
  • Alenia Aermacchi (n.17  Airborne Tacan)
  • Enav – Air traffic management system
  • Air Force (DVOR/DME Gioia del Colle, Tacan upgrade, ILS Mobile, MLS Ghedi)
  • ILS “Deployable” for Aeronautica Militare Italiana (reference  USAF e NATO)
  • Tacan Mobile 453+Elta (Pakistan)