Competence centre for Soldier radio and electronic warfare systems. Partner for equipment of the FREMM frigate warships with Naval Q, a system with a range of electronic support and electronic attack solutions; and sonar for underwater defence.

Thales designs, supplies and installs infrastructural and tactical telecommunication systems & networks for the defence market. The product range includes HF Systems, Tactical Radios, Command and Control Systems, Optronic Systems and NBCR (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological) Systems. Thales capabilities also extend to electronic warfare, applied to communications.
The modern digitalised battlefield concept imposes a new vision of military planning. In this new context, Thales has all the elements necessary to create mission critical solutions that contribute to the operational superiority and success of the mission. Moreover, Thales manufactures on-board navigation equipment & systems for combat aircraft, and supplies training systems for military applications.
Competence centre - Italy is the Thales competence centre for communication networks for the battlefield and soldier radio, and for electronic warfare solutions.
FREMM, the French-Italian multi-mission programme started in 2005, is the largest naval programme ever launched in Europe. Part of the programme included the purchase of 10 Frigate warships by Italian authorities. Thales equips the boats with Naval Q, a system with a range of electronic support and electronic attack solutions tailored to maritime tactical users, either on-littoral or on-board combat ships. It is designed to target the current and near term communications environment of littoral and naval operations. Thales is responsible for the design and integration of radar and combat systems, and fits these systems into Frigates.
Thales supplies homing heads for lightweight torpedoes, particularly the MU90/IMPACT torpedo. They can be launched from helicopters, Maritime Patrol Aircraft as well as surface ships. The versatile guidance systems are a showcase of Thales expertise in miniaturised sonar and are designed to accommodate future technology insertion as required. Italy is one of 6 countries to have purchased the sophisticated NATO-compliant weapon, with over 1000 units having already been produced.
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