JFK: the safe passenger experience

With more than 20 million passengers a year, John F. Kennedy Airport’ Terminal 4 is growing steadily, creating even more demanding security constraints. Thales has met this challenge by offering integrated solutions that improve both safety levels and operating efficiency.

A comprehensive and centralized system

JFK, New York's main airport, is among the US’s top 5 airports; Terminal 4 is its largest component. The challenge of ensuring security for the terminal is twofold:
- Coordinate the various security subsystems and make a smart and efficient use of the data;
- Ensure the various stakeholders of the airport work together towards an optimized management of the infrastructure.
Thales provides an airport operations control center, containing all security management and operations management tools.
The platform centralizes data from sensor and camera networks and submits them to smart real-time analysis. Emergencies and incidents are quickly identified, allowing officers to react as soon as possible.

An improved passenger experience

Control and data centralization also allows the operator:
- To generate performance indicators (KPIs) that help them make the right decisions, to improve the airport’s organization and efficiency;
- To anticipate difficulties and reduce waiting lines at checkpoints for the benefit of passengers.
The technologies deployed by Thales are designed to support future growth of the terminal, while carrying on simultaneously offering safety and operational performance.