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Eurosatory 2022

Accelerate the tempo of your operations and get a head start

In a constantly changing world, subject to competition between states and asymmetric threats, Thales meets all the needs of armed forces through a vision based on a global understanding of the threats, the missions to be carried out and the necessary capability challenges.

Thales develops solutions that make collaborative combat accessible and a reality now, to provide technological superiority to its customers.

As a trusted player in decisive moments and a true partner of the armed forces and security forces, Thales supports the men and women who protect citizens every day.

Our offers

Based on the four main pillars of digital technology - connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity - Thales supports its customers in their digital transformation, enabling armies to stay one step ahead.

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Force Readiness

Prepare and evaluate your forces and equipment before operational deployment. Ensure availability, readiness and mission success.

Land forces are under pressure. Turnarounds between operations are increasingly tight. Threats are unpredictable and the complexity of the battlefield challenge the mission readiness of the forces. 
Rigorous training and preparation are essential to evaluate the readiness of units and equipment availability. Thales is by your side from preparation and deployment to final debriefing.

With our solutions make sure your forces are fully trained to tackle any combat situation and equipped with powerful digital military services for optimal support in the field. 


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Mission preparation

Gathering Intelligence

Forces are under pressure. Threats are multiform and the complexity of the battlefield challenges the information superiority.

Actionable intelligence is essential. How can you transform large and diverse amounts of data on situation intelligence, the enemy and the terrain into a decisive advantage?

We develop both the sensors to generate information and the right analytics tools to provide a 360° vision of every situation. 


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Command and Control

Sharing, managing and protecting operational information.

In order to dominate its adversary during a confrontation that can go as far as high intensity, an air-land force, alone or in coalition, must have a Command Post system that provides information and value, enabling it to understand, decide and act more effectively and more quickly than the enemy.

With its new range of sovereign and highly secure solutions, Thales is strengthening the capacity of Command Post systems to respond very actively to the increasingly high requirements of responsiveness, tactical mobility and unit protection across the entire spectrum of air-land engagements in highly contested areas of operations.

Fast to implement, simple to use, easily reconfigurable and highly resilient, these solutions provide Joint Commanders with the information superiority they need in decisive moments and improve Command Post survivability in the face of low-level air threats. 


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The combat zone is a space of direct confrontation between forces where, in a context of high intensity, it is necessary to understand, decide and act faster than the enemy to win.

  • Resilient connectivity is the necessary condition for all interactions, enabling multi domains effects, in cyber and electronic warfare fields.
  • Contact combat is the combination of manned and unmanned platforms whose capabilities are enhanced by their networking in a collaborative combat system
  • The dismounted soldier is the heart of the action and benefits from the best equipment to protect him and carry out his mission.
  • Fire support preserves units by engaging enemy forces far away.

Thales offers high-performance solutions based on the most advanced technologies in all areas of contact combat. 


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Country and Force protection

Forces either in operations or on national territory are threatened by numerous risks of attacks : Air (fighters, helicopters, missiles, drones and loitering amunitions, Rockets/Artillery/Mortars), Ground (vehicles, pedestrians), NRBC… Attacks can occur at any time, during operations but also against operational bases.

They can be conducted by conventional forces but also by asymmetric elements or terrorists, obviously during war but also in peace time. Our goal is to provide forces with solutions which protect them and so, allow them to fulfill their missions.

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Eurosatory Highlights

Operational superiority in the field

Interview with General Bernard Barrera, Land Defence Advisor, Thales.

The world is changing. The strategic balance of power is being challenged in every type of conflict– on land, at sea, under the oceans, in the air, in space and in cyberspace. To meet future challenges in high-intensity airland combat, land forces need to develop new capabilities at a faster pace to ensure that hostile forces can be defeated, guarantee national sovereignty and keep populations safe.

Against this backdrop, the digital transformation, and the ability to harness its potential to deliver new effects, have become absolutely vital.