Protecting Men and Artworks: Thales in the Louvre

The Louvre Museum, receiving up to 9 million visitors a year, is the largest museum in the world. Security issues raised are numerous and imposing. Thales has taken all aspects into account – visitor and staff security, but also artworks’ - in implementing an integrated protection solution for this prestigious public site.

Increase system efficiency by harmonizing

In the very centre of the French capital, the Louvre drains thousands of tourists from all around the world every day. A cultural, strategic and symbolic place, it is the target point of a wide range of risks: terrorism, people safety risks (visitors and agents), but also artwork depredations – considering the legacy of nearly 500 000 pieces that is entrusted to the museum.
In addition, this critical site’s security was previously provided through several heterogeneous systems, which had to be made to converge towards an integrated device. The added value of Thales, in implementing its solution, most notably lies in successfully migrating the old systems towards the new integrated one.

One system for three targets

The solution deployed by Thales integrates:
- Access control, including the production of tags and RFID readers;
- Video surveillance camera networks and data recording;
- Intrusion detection all over the museum site.
All of these missions are channelled through the same information system. The result is a harmonized, more efficient system, improving visitor, staff and artwork security.