HF XL Concept : the right  answer to current  crowded  HF spectrum

The most recent innovation in 4th Generation HF communications is the development of wideband HF technologies capable of providing data rates of >120 kbps in a single HF communications channel.

This new Wideband HF technology will provide the armed forces with robust, dependable data communications offering eight times more bandwidth than current HF systems. It will guarantee high-quality connectivity at any point on the planet, with improved resilience to interference, paving the way for new user services.

However HF spectrum is quite crowded in most countries in the world. Thanks to its dynamic adaptation to spectrum availability, XL is the first HF cognitive radio. It represents a smart way to escape narrowband jammers and performs dynamic adaptations to HF channel variations and to HF spectrum congestion.

  • New innovative process of HF wideband in crowded environments
  • HF XL provides a cognitive solution to maintain the HF link whatever the versatile HF channel conditions
  • HF XL provides end user a reliable HF link with high throughput enabling IP services and video
  • HF signal spread over non-contiguous radio channels (up to 15), thus complying with current frequency allocations
  • Unique solution to escape narrowband jammers, managing channel fluctuations thanks to its cognitive engine
  • Reliable connectivity over long distances with new services (IP, Video, HD picture, BFT, S.A)
  • Cognitive radio: No compromise between Range, Throughput and channel variations
  • Interoperability with current generation of HF radios
  • Ready for naval tests in 2019 – first delivery 2020, ready for field testing in 2022 , first delivery 2023

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