​​​mHealth remote monitoring

​Vignet ​​delivers a dose of IoT technology to improve healthcare while reducing costs

Healthcare systems across the globe are facing unprecedented change as providers and governments struggle to improve quality of care in the face of rising costs, a growing elderly population, and increased reporting requirements. In addition, the ratio of patients to caregivers is growing at an alarming rate. The U.S. alone is expected to face an estimated shortage of more than 120,000 healthcare professionals by 2025. In addition, compliance with healthcare mandates and regulations such as HIPAA have made accountability and reporting a requirement for all aspects of healthcare further burdening care systems. A dose of M2M IoT technology is providing relief.

Vignet and Gemalto team up to optimize remote patient monitoring

Vignet, a leader in health enterprise solutions, teamed up with Gemalto to transform modern healthcare with an innovative “Home Health Hub” that improves monitoring and care while cutting costs. The easy-to-use Vignet Health Hub is enabled by Gemalto technology and consolidates information from a variety of medical devices and sensors including pedometers, electrocardiogram patches, sleep sensors, weight scales, blood glucose tests, blood pressure devices and other sensors. Hub.PNGThe hub sends data via wireless networks to a cloud-based platform that provides a dashboard view of the user’s overall health status for authorized caregivers and family members. The two-way solution delivers medication reminders and behavioral prompts to the screen on the Hub and to the user’s mobile device, which helps to improve chronic disease management and overall well-being. The solution leverages Gemalto’s strong authentication, authorization, and encryption and meets US privacy regulations like HIPAA ensuring patient information is secured and available only to individuals authorized by the user.

A healthy future ahead with M2M and IoT

The market for smart health and home monitoring systems is expected to grow to $620.3 billion, saving the world’s healthcare systems up to $36 billion. Most importantly, it provides a platform upon which all patients, regardless of location, have efficient and effective access to care. The Gemalto-enabled Vignet Home Health Hub provides a solution to transform and optimize the global healthcare sector with intelligent IoT technology.