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Product Safety

With over 110 years' experience in safety testing and over 20 billion UL marks currently on products, UL is the foremost recognized safety mark with nearly 70,000 manufacturers each year using and trusting UL services. 

Certification of products for safety is performed according to UL written standards as well as other international requirements that customers can use to access their key markets.

Specific focus and understanding are placed on the following environments and vertical markets: industrial, automotive, medical, consumer, building materials, security systems, domestic appliances and modules and components.

Verification​ Services

UL provides performance testing, inspection and audits, with the focus being on wireless integration, communication system protocol, digital security, performance testing and energy efficiency.

With test facilities covering all cellular technologies (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, LTE), backhaul infrastructure (point-to-point radio systems), Bluetooth® and other short-range devices.

As a Notified, Inspection and Certification Body, UL issues FCC grants for the USA, assists on CE marking for Europe and can manage and arrange certification into other regions or countries through its local offices or partner networks. 

Beyond certification, UL operates in qualification and conformance schemes such as Bluetooth®, CTIA, GCF, EMVCo, PCI and PTCRB, with specific mobile network operator approval on essential services.

Life and Health

Driven by its corporate mission, UL is active in helping to bring the medical and wireless worlds together, delivering innovative solutions for medical devices and food and water solutions.

As a standard development organization and via collaboration with industry schemes and international committees like AAMI, ANSI, NIST, GEL 106 and Continua Alliance, UL has helped publish more than 1,000 safety and testing standards.

There's more.

UL is also a 3rd party approved facility for the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), helping customers get to the US market for medical devices and systems.


UL helps support the acceptance of sustainable products, services and organizations into the global marketplace through standards development, educational services and independent third-party assessments and certification.