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Ruggedized SIM and eSIM for the IoT

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Thales eSIM as a Service for Private Networks

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Introducing 5G networks – Characteristics and usages

The fifth generation networks (5G) is currently under development and will hit the market at the horizon 2020. Compared with the current 4G LTE technology, 5G is targeting to reach both high speed (1 Gbps), low power and low latency (1ms or less), for massive IoT, tactile internet and robotics.

Introducing 5G networks – Characteristics and usages

5G Network Analytics and NWDAF

Download the report from ABI Research featuring Guavus as a leader in NWDAF and explaining how data analytics can help drive MNO’s growth.

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Thales Trusted Digital Telco

Launch your digital brand in 4 months, onboard your customers in 3 quick steps and deliver a 100% digital customer experience.

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Thales Trusted Digital ID For Mobile Network Operators

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Thales Smart Profile Matcher

The smart approach to maximising your hit rate for eSIM subscription downloads

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Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar: Drones and Mobile Robots

In their Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar report, Gartner report provide key findings related to the development of robots and drones.

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Thales Adaptive Connect

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Thales Instant Connect

The most innovative provisioning connectivity service

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Acquire new subscribers remotely through agile eSIM solutions

Case study

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Deploying 5G Private Networking: Addressing the Key Security Challenges

Watch Thales experts discuss how to minimise security risks for a successful private network deployment. What are the security risks that must be catered for in highly-intensive and high-risk operations? This webinar examines key 5G private networking issues including: • How do you provide secure roaming multi-site and with public networks? • How do you ensure only the right people and things can join the network? • How do you ensure data protection? • and more . . . Watch the webinar.

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Thales On-demand Subscription Dashboard

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Home office: New challenges for enterprises, new business opportunities for Communication Service Providers

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From manual to automated ID verification

Enabled by instant ID document and biometric checks - A Case Study of TIM Brasil

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