Thales Trusted Digital Journey

Enabling Communications Service Providers to deliver a 100% digital and intuitive customer experience

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Cryptosmart for Mobile Network Operators

The ultimate solution for securing mobile communications and devices

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SIM card body unplug manual

A guide to learn how to correctly unplug your different 2FF/3FF/4FF SIM card form factors

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Reaching 5G's "Plateau of Productivity"

Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning & AI are Critical for Service Providers to Master 5G Operational Complexity.

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5G Security

In 2020, Thales has run a survey tackling 5G Security towards mobile industry specialists.

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Thales Cloud OTA

Enabling new 5G services - and more

Thales Cloud OTA

Best practices for optimizing eSIM adoption

Learning lessons from successful Mobile Network Operators worldwide

Best practices for optimizing eSIM adoption

Thales eSIM Essentials

The remote eSIM provisioning solution packaged specifically for MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators)

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eSIM solutions

eSIM solutions

Thales Radio Policy Management Platform

Optimizing Mobile Network investments for the IoT market

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Biometric voice matching to fight call center fraud

A leading Mobile Network Operator is slashing the cost of call center fraud thanks to an efficient, flexible and unobtrusive solution

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Subscription Manager - SMDS Connect

Maximize the reach and activation of eSIM capable devices. An overview of the smart router: a single contact point to reach and activate a maximum number of eSIM capable devices.

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Subscription Manager - SMDS Connect

Building on the strong foundations of the GSMA’s Root Discovery Service, SMDS Connect can embrace all OEM proprietary Discovery Services. It, ensuring MNOs have the potential for 360° access to the fast growing market of eSIM capable devices.

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Making Trusted Digital IDs a Reality: What Consumers Really Think

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