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    changement_climatique, Climate_Change, microcarb, Satellite, TAS, Thales_Alenia_Space, uk_space_agency, UKSA, Handshake between Ben Oliver, President and CEO of Thales Alenia Space UK, and Jo Johnson, Ministry of Sciences. Thales Alenia Space has signed a contract with the UK Space Agency to work on MicroCarb a joint UK-French satellite mission which will measure sources and sinks of carbon the principal greenhouse gas driving global warming. It is the first European mission intended to characterise greenhouse gas fluxes on Earth's surface and gauge how much carbon is being absorbed by oceans and forests the main sinks on the planet.

    Thales Alenia Space signs contract with the UK Space Agency to work on climate change mission

    09 Nov 2017
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    COPERNICUS, EARTH, Environment, ESA, European-Space-Agency, Global, Monitoring, observation, oceanography, sentinel, Sentinel-3, SENTINELLE-3, THALES ALENIA SPACE, UE, Sentinel-3's mission covers oceanography, continental hydrology and monitoring of vegetation on land. Comprising 4 satellites (Sentinel-3A, -3B, -3C and -3D), Sentinel-3's mission is part of the European program Copernicus. Within the scope of Copernicus, Thales Alenia Space is prime contractor for the Sentinel-1 and -3 missions (each including 4 satellites), and will also provide the ground segment on the second mission, and two instruments for Sentinel-6. Sentinel-3A was successfully orbitd in February 2016.

    Sentinel 3

    31 Mar 2016
    Crédits : Pierre Carril // ©ESA/Pierre Carril
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    cloud, DARMON MARC, EUROSATORY, Eurosatory-2018, Marc Darmon, Marc_DARMON, Microsoft, PARTNER, Partnership, Thales and Microsoft today announce a preferred partnership for the development of a common Defence Cloud solution for armed forces. The solution that will be jointly developed by the two groups is based on the Microsoft Azure Stack platform a services-oriented and flexible hybrid cloud environment that will be fully cyber secured and adapted to military resilience constraints by Thales' Thales and Microsoft partner to develop a unique Defence Cloud solution for armed forces. Thanks to this new solution Thales as a field-proven trusted integrator and Microsoft as a trusted Cloud provider will accompany the digital transformation of armed forces both in the command center and on the Operations theater.

    EUROSATORY 2018: Thales and Microsoft partner to develop a unique Defence Cloud solution for armed forces

    14 Jun 2018
    Crédits : Emma Laupa // Emma La©THALES
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    1B, Alenia, CE, contractor, COPERNICUS, Eath, ESA, Europe, observation, Prime, radar, sentinel, space, The Sentinel-1B satellite is an Earth Observation satellite dedicated to environment monitoring. Built by Thales Alenia Space, Sentinel-1B is part of the European Commission's vast Copernicus Earth observation program, coordinated by the European Commission, with the European Space Agency (ESA) in charge of the space'segment. In the framework of Copernicus Thales Alenia Space is prime contractor for the Sentinel-1 and -3 missions (each including 4 satellites) and will also provide the ground segment on the second mission and instruments for Sentinel-6.


    18 Apr 2016
    Crédits : Pierre Carril // ©ESA/Pierre Carril
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    3S, Alenia, asia, C-Band, Communications, Espace, GSM, Indonesia, Internet, Ku-Band, malaysia, PT, Southeast, space, Telekomunikasi, télévision, Telkom, Telkom-3S is a communications satellite built by Thales Alenia Space as prime contractor for the Indonesian operator PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia TbK (Telkom). The satellite will boost the operator's C-band capacite, and also offer Ku-band high-definition television broadcasting and GSM/Internet services. It offers a design life exceeding 15 years, and its footprint will cover Indonesia, Southeast Asia and part of Malaysia. Its deployment will enable PT Telkom to increase broadcast capacite, as well as providing key services for businesses, the interconnection of mobile networks and Internet backbones.

    Telkom-3S: satellite in Thales Alenia Space's clean rooms

    12 Feb 2017
    Crédits : Imag[IN] // ©THALES Alenia Space/imag[IN]
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    Iridium NEXT is a low orbitsatcom constellation with 81 satellites (66 operational, 9 in orbit spares and 6 ground spares). Thales Alenia Space is the Iridium NEXT prime contractor.

    Iridium NEXT in Thales Alenia Space's clean rooms

    05 Jan 2017
    Crédits : ImagIN // ©THALES Alenia Space/imag[IN]
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    Helicopter, réalité, réalité H, réalitéH, Simulation, simulator, training, training and simulation, Thales realite H Helicopter Full Flight Simulator. HIGH FIDELITY FULL FLIGHT SIMULATOR FAA and EASA certifications Zero flight time recurrent training Outstanding Realise for mission training In service around the world

    Thales reality H Helicopter Full Flight Simulator

    02 Jun 2016
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    chargement, EDEN-ISS, embarquement, expédition, Loading, logistics, logistique, Shipment, transport, The Mobile Test Facility (MTF) for the production of food and resources in a closed environment, part of the EDEN ISS project, has been shipped to the Neumayer III Antarctic station. It will be used to test plant cultivation under extreme coeditions, to support the development of spaceflight-ready systems and technologies for controlled-plant growth in space and on the International Space Station.


    09 Oct 2017
    Crédits : EDEN-ISS
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    cbtc, City, Dubaï, metro, Operation Control Center, railways, RTA, seltrac, train, ville, The Dubaï Metro is the world's longest driverless metro (70 KM) and it provides, for the first time, a fast, comfortable and attractive alternative to journeys by road. Thales' technology and expertise played a decisive role in bringing the Dubai Metro to life.

    Dubaï Metro

    22 Aug 2016
    Crédits : Government of Dubaï Road and Transport Authority (RTA)