CMEF 2017

Thales Group - CMEF Invitation
Monday 15th - Thursday 18th May

Shanghai National Exhibition & Convention Center
No. 168 East Yinggang Road, Qingpu District
 Shanghai, China

Thales is proud to be participating in the 77th bi-annual China International Medical Equipment Fair. This is the largest exhibition of medical equipment in the world, which brings together 120,000 medical professionals representing scientific communities in over 150 countries worldwide.

Thales will be exhibiting its wide range of cutting-edge radiology products, from market-leading flat panel detectors and complete wireless imaging solutions, to radiological imaging units and X-ray image intensifiers.

Join us at Booth E13 in Hall 2 for demonstrations of the newest, most innovative additions to our portfolio, and to discover what makes Thales a leader in digital medical technology.
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Thales Group - EZ2GO

ArtPixTM Mobile EZ2GO

The well-known ArtPixTM  tablet is now able to support all kind of Thales Wi-Fi detectors, even with Gadox scintillators. In addition, an innovative live Bluetooth connection to a dose measurement device (DAP) will allow the full wireless solution to control both patient exposure and dose management. Last but not least, the system is now optimized for fix room retrofit.
Thales Group - DR

Pixium® Portable 3543 DR

The Pixium® Portable 3543 DR is the new Wi-Fi flat panel detector which brings digital radiography within reach of all X-ray system manufacturers and integrators. Not only does the detector provide outstanding image and diagnosis quality, but it is the first detector in the market to answer the growing need to reduce the X-ray dose. At the cutting edge of technology, the Pixium Portable 3543 DR benefits from Thales’ experience as a pioneer in wireless X-ray imaging.
Thales Group - 2121/3030

Pixium® Surgical 2121 S-A & 3030 S-A

The Pixium® Surgical 2121 S-A & 3030 S-A are our new generation Csi-based detectors which are capable of supporting all surgical applications, whether orthopaedic, cardiovascular, paediatric or neurological. They are capable of delivering high-quality images in real time, and feature an innovative pixel design to guarantee consistent quality even at a low dose.  Both are compatible with low-power generators and can be integrated easily into existing systems. The 2121 S-A and 3030 S-A offer viable,cost-effective alternatives to conventional image chain.
Thales Group - EZ

Pixium® Portable EZ Family

The Pixium® Portable EZ Family are Thales's new-generation Wi-Fi flat panel detectors whose characteristics and performance offer unprecedented freedom. The versatility and autonomy of these ultra-light and robust detectors optimises patient workflow. They are designed to simplify examination conditions whilst maintaining outstanding imaging and diagnosis quality. Thales offers a large range of specifications to satisfy all radiology requirements, including the choice between 24x30 cm and 35x43 cm formats, both available with Cesium Iodide (CsI) and Gadolinium OxySulfide (Gadox) technologies.
Thales Group - 4

Pixium® RF 4343 & RF 4343 FL

The Pixium® RF 4343 & RF 4343 FL are flat panel digital detectors which have the largest coverage area in the market. They are designed for easy integration in classic RF tables and offer high-quality images for both routine dynamic and high-end static applications. Based on the clinically proven Pixium Csl scintillator, both solutions offer outstanding X-ray absorption which reduces exposure whilst ensuring high image quality.
Thales Group - 2630

Pixium® Surgical 2630

The Pixium® Surgical 2630 is a dynamic flat panel detector designed for X-ray exams for surgical applications, notably surgical C-arms. The detector has a high absorption capacity generating high quality images in real-time with a low dose.
Thales Group - SIX

SiX 650 HD

A smart, easy-to-integrate CMOS X-ray digital detector covering both 3D and panoramic imaging.  The SiX 650 HD/HD-E is a CMOS digital detector designed by Thales for combined CBCT/Panoramic X-ray systems widely used in dentistry.
Thales Group - RIU

Radiological Imaging Units

The RIU series HD are high-end, compact Radiological Imaging Units (RIU). Optimised for today’s most demanding applications, including digital radiography, angiography, high-resolution cardiology and low dose fluoroscopy, the HD series features the latest developments in X-ray imaging technology from Thales.

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