Thales is an established pioneer and leader in radiological imaging with the world's largest array of facilities dedicated to this domain.

As an innovator in image intensifiers and at the forefront of digital technology, Thales continues to expand its range with CMOS technology integrated in our detectors and imaging solutions.

This demonstrates our commitment to evolve our product portfolio in line with the latest developments in technology and industry requirements to ensure customers conduct radiological examinations under optimal conditions of quality, safety, speed and connectivity.

Today we possess the full range of expertise and resources needed to allow all system manufacturers to choose the solution that best meets their needs, from flat panel detectors to complete imaging subsystems.

  • Digital Radiography
    Digital radiography include digital detectors and sub-systems for radiology systems converting X-ray into high quality images. The systems use cesium technology converting images in real team optimised for low dosage.
  • Digital Fluoroscopy
    Thales sets the standard for high quality fluoroscopy imaging, offering system manufacturers the broadest choice of top-quality X-ray image intensifiers (XRII), cameras and Pixium digital flat-panel detectors.
  • Imaging Solutions
    Digital Imaging Solutions to bring out the best of our range of digital detectors, from large-format to portable detectors
  • Services
    Our services are extensive ranging from warranty and repair and numerous contact options and documentation to training sessions
  • Videos
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