Thales has forged a solid reputation as the leading developer and manufacturer in the RF and microwave sources industry as a result of our established history of developing technologically superior solutions.

Harnessing our world class design and production expertise, we offer a complete range of components, subsystems and complete systems that define the state of the art for the RF industry.

Through decades of close collaboration with OEM’s and leading research laboraties, we have developed an unrivaled knowledge of the RF industry. As such, our solutions evolve in line with current trends and anticipate those of tomorrow.

This commitment to innovation has secured Thales’s market leading position across all RF application segments and seen us develop solutions used in leading-edge programs for particle physics, light sources and thermonuclear fusion.

RF Sources

Thales Group - Science tubes

Particle Accelerators, Thermonuclear Fusion, Irradiation Systems or Medical Solution...Tubes for each application

Drawing on decades of experience of pionneering RF technology, Thales has built up a complete portfolio of high power Klystrons, Tetrodes, Diacrodes, IOT's and Gyrotrons. 

These solutions operate at the cutting-edge of technology, harnessing our expertise in the fields of high-voltage operation, cooling, RF and electromagnetic radiation to guarantee optimum power, control and reliability for whichever application they support.

Thales RF sources are employed by leading OEM's and research organisations for demanding configurations:

Thales Group - Particle Accelerator

Thales RF sources are integrated into the world's most prestigious particle accelerators. They are a major driving force to the increasing performance of the accelerators which are crucial to the research of the basic constituent components of matter.

Thales Group - Fusion

Thales RF sources are used in experimental reactors to provide the energy needed to reach temperatures of several tens of millions of degrees. Such temperatures are necessary for the fusion reaction of hydrogen isotopes, as scientists establish the possibility of thermonuclear fusion as an energy source of the future. 

Thales Group - Medical applications

 Thales Klystrons and Tetrodes provide RF energy for the particle accelerators used in radiotherapy applications to boost the performance of thousands of cancer therapy systems used worldwide, whilst ensuring their safe and reliable operation.

High Peak Power Klystrons with RF pulse Length

Thales Group - High Power Klystrons

Water-Cooled Tetrodes - Pulsed RF Operation

Thales Group - Water-cooled tetrodes


Cavities - RF Circuits for Water-cooled Tetrodes

Thales Group - Tetrodes

Large Research Infrastructures

Thales has developed a high degree of expertise in the design and production of complex systems and testing protocols and equipment. Working closely with customers we develop the solution needed for each research program, from drawing up specifications through production and in-service support.



Thales Group - Coupler
Cryogenic Couplers


  • Cryogenic couplers
  • RF windows and waveguides, RF loads and RF circulators
  • RF test and conditioning stations
  • Kickers

Thales Group - Energy Bench
Energy Bench

Systems and Infrastructure:

  • Solid state drivers
  • Neutral beam injection
  • RF power transmitters
  • Energy bench
  • Control command
  • Heating and Vacuum distribution systems


Example of specific and on demand systems developed by Thales :

  • Energy bench: High voltage systems for laser amplification
  • Heating systems for thermonuclear fusion research : Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating systems, Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating systems and prototype of the new Neutral Beam Heating systems.
  • Diagnostic systems developed from customer specifications