Triode ITK 112

Triode ITK 112

High-power 280 kW triode for RF dielectric or induction heating machines

Based on more than 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of electron tubes, Thales is a long-standing partner to most producers of industrial heating machines and the benchmark supplier of grid tubes.

The new ITK 112 triode, intended for high-power induction and dielectric heating applications, delivers continuous RF power of 280 kW. It is especially well suited to industrial applications such as the manufacture of rolled welded tubes, heat treatment of metals, and textile and wood drying.

The ITK 112 is a water-cooled ceramic/metal triode featuring a monolithic pyrolytic graphite grid for a high degree of mechanical stability, high thermal conductivity, low expansion coefficient, high resistance to thermal shocks and high temperatures and low electrical resistance.

Thales is fully committed to the long-term viability of tube technology, and to delivering high-tech products based on our proven expertise in complex processes. We offer the widest range on the market, whether for dielectric or induction and laser applications, backed by all the customer support and technical assistance services you need.

  • Output power: 280 kW (CW mode)
  • Anode voltage: 17 kW
  • Anode dissipation: 120 kW
  • Frequency up to 100 MHz

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