Tetrodes for Particle Accelerators

Tetrodes for Particle Accelerators

RF tetrodes for Particle Accelerators applications

The Thales’s ceramic-metal tetrode of coaxial structure is particularly suitable for use as an RF amplifier in particle accelerators. The technology of this tube has already been well proven and benefits from the company’s long experience in tetrodes.

Drawing on our long experience in tetrodes for accelerators, radars and broadcast transmitters, this tube features Thales’s patented Pyrobloc® grids and Hypervapotron™ cooling to allow a substantial safety margin of tolerable anode dissipation and Pyrobloc® grids for enhanced stability, reliability and operating life.

An associated cavity has been custom-designed to get the best performance from the tetrode, for scientific applications, such as in particle accelerators. For operation in different frequency ranges, other circuits are possible.

These products are designed, developed and manufactured at an ISO 9001/V2000 and ISO 14001 registered production site.

TH 571B: CW or long-pulsed, 60 kW CW up to 400 MHz

TH 535:  CW or pulsed operations, 100 kW CW at 120 MHz, 120 kW short pulses at 200 MHz

TH 391: short and medium pulses,  200 kW up to 450 MHz

TH 781: up to 200 kW CW, up to 500 kW in pulses   

TH 555ASC: CW , 300 kW up to 30 MHz, 500 kW up to 30 MHz in pulses

TH 589: 750 kW for synchrotron applications

TH 526: short pulses, 2.5 MW up to 200 MHz

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