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Key element of the air operation centres and of the combat squadrons. In service with multiple Air Forces, Navies, Armies, SOF (100 units); combat proven during recent conflicts. 

Key features
• Multimission, production of intelligence data for Recce, ground surveillance missions, targeting or BDA
• Multisensor, real time digital acquisition and processing of raw data from all EO/IR sensors including wet films, SAR and MTI radars
• Interoperable with NATO STANAGs
• Scalable, adapted to the mission from stand-alone to networked IMINT centre
• Includes intelligence workflow management tool from "request for information" to product dissemination

Main characteristics
• Projectable, build on rugged modules easily transportable (air, sea, rail, track)
• Open software and hardware architecture for easy upgrade and enhancement
• Guaranteed, lifetime support and technology update
• Commonality of components with the Thales family of C4I products

Our products
- MINDS Station 

• Combat proven (Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ivory Coast)
• Link 16 capable for short-loop targeting
• Fusion and editing tools to elaborate the recognized surface picture
• 3D objects tools and stereoscopic display