Your fast-track to mission-critical 4G

Stay on top of 21st century challenges with mission-critical 4G: offer your armed forces the cutting edge innovation for better, faster, more efficient collaboration
The phenomena of acceleration and globalisation also apply to the exponential growth of conflicts and crises observed all over the planet. As a matter of fact, the defence-security continuum is gaining increasing importance in countless areas around the world. Keeping pace with these evolutions requires a higher-than-ever degree of agility – and this also impacts your technology choices. Innovative communication solutions unlock the full potential of collaboration in the field. Mission-critical 4G is your ally to counter 21st century threats.
At Thales, we understand your unique requirements
Our teams of system architects, cyber security experts and former military professionals work relentlessly to provide you with solutions that truly stand the stress-test of your missions.
As a managed service operator supporting troops in the field, our teams know and understand your requirements first hand.
Wireless solutions
We believe the best answer to 21st century threats is best-in-breed 21st century technology that supports your communications. Tailored to match your unique challenges, the Wireless solution is a complete mission-critical 4G solution. It comes with secured and deployable 4G, enables mission-critical collaboration, is battlefield ready, mission focused and allows for end-to-end 4G integration and interoperability.
In your line of activity, experience matters
Experts in large system integrations and 40+ years of experience in designing, building and operating defence IT and communication systems, we tailor solutions that deliver guaranteed results.
Our mission is to support you — whatever it takes.