Mobile tactical communication

Information is the basis for decisions and its quantity and quality decide success or failure. In a complex military environment the availability of information at the right time, at the right place in the necessary quality is the key pillar for mission success.

Guidance capability and information superiority guarantee the mission capability of forces

The digitalisation of communication has opened up entirely new opportunities for military guidance. New services can now be provided to anyone, at any time and at any place. However, a key condition is the availability of suitable means for the transport of this information and services.

The internet is based on broadband IT networks. Optical networks permit the transmission of TerraBit/s over any distance. Connected wireless networks offer users the opportunity to use broadband services mobile via smartphones and seemingly anywhere. However, these opportunities come to an abrupt end if the communication networks are no longer available.

Military missions cannot be based on such technologies but must offer an entirely independent autarkic use. Here, the provision of information in the highly mobile, so-called tactical environment poses a particular challenge, because only radio-based systems can be used here.

The programme for mobile tactical communication (MoTaKo) aims at providing all users from the command post to the soldier with the necessary information and services. The design of a holistic, radio-based communication network is based on various radio technologies. Suitable systems in the tactical environment are VHF/UHF/HF and SATCOM.

Digitally supported land operations

Thales leads the field in Military Satcom transmission solutions thanks to the System 21, the standardised solution that complies with the latest NATO Electronic Protective Measures (EPM) standards and offers unmatched performance in terms of discretion and protection. System 21 meets the need for high availability in critical environments and in all Defence and Government applications. It is designed to support even the toughest conditions encountered by deployed forces across air, land and sea with no trade-off in performance. System 21 is already widespread internationally.

With NEXIUM Theatre, Thales makes sure that MoTaKo or the resulting network is more than the sum total of its parts. What matters is that voice and data can actually be exchanged between different nodes beyond the command hierarchies. NEXIUM is a framework: On the one hand it contains concrete communication solutions optimised for a networked approach, e.g. NEXIUM Satcom or NEXIUM LTE. On the other it contains comprehensive planning and management tools to plan, establish and operate a complex overriding architecture for different communication systems.

The challenge is to integrate various platforms – from portable radios of the infantry soldier via fixed or mobile command posts to satellite communication – in an architecture in which every element is mastered and which is also interoperable with the alliance partners.

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Die Herausforderung dabei ist, unterschiedliche Plattformen – vom tragbaren Funkgerät des Infanteristen über fixe oder mobile Gefechtsstände bis hin zur Satellitenkommunikation – in eine Architektur zu bringen, in der jedes Element beherrscht wird und zudem interoperabel mit den Bündnispartnern ist.

Die Missionen von morgen erfordern nicht nur eine flexible Orchestrierung aller Systeme und modulare Verfügbarkeiten von Komponenten, sondern ebenso die schnelle Anpassung an neue Anforderungen.

Thales bietet dafür eine Plattformlösung, die sich modular auf die Bedürfnisse unterschiedlicher Einsatzszenarien anpasst.

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