National/NATO migration solutions (Communications, Identification and Tactical Data Link).

  • National standards equivalent to NATO standards:
- Voice communications: National EPM Waveform
- Identification: National Secure Mode (NSM)
- TDL: LX16 over NextW@ve
  • Easy and quick migration from national standards to NATO standards (and conversely)
Voice communications:
- F3 NextW@ve terminal
- National EPM >> SATURN/HQ
- same IFF equipment (software upgrade)
- crypto computer change: NSM (MX4/MX5) >> M4/5
- Bi-standard TDL processing
- Terminal substitution: NextW@ve >> MIDS-LVT


Multi-mode Communication and Identification Functions Able to Match either National Standards or NATO Standards.
Thales Group - NATO Ready Solutions


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