A range of Electronic Support Measures solutions for maritime applications.

  • Designed to target the current and near-term communication environment of littoral and naval operations
  • Able to be integrated on all ships (from frigate to fast patrol boat)
  • Providing high performance HF and V/UHF Direction Finding and signal analysis
  • Based on an open and modular architecture, and state-of-the-art sensors


ALTESSE - Thalesgroup


  • Frequency band: 30-3000 MHz (DF)
  • Optional HF band down to 1 MHz (DF)
  • Wide band interception and DF (40 MHz in V/UHF)
  • High Direction Finding accuracy
  • Optional COMINT capacity
  • Compatibility with onboard communications
  • Stand-alone operation or integration in Combat Management System


PRINCESSE - Thalesgroup


Princesse COMINT for Submarine
  • Very fast spectrum surveillance for threat detection and monitoring for intelligence collection
  • Frequency band: 0.01-3000 MHz depending on Com antenna sub-system
  • Real-time characterization of all H/V/UHF threats
  • 19’’ rack packaging