Now is the time to think Thales

We’re living in exciting times. In the age of the connected world, data is the new currency. It is invaluable to governments, enterprises and emerging business. Value also attracts unwanted guests, constantly putting the continuity of your business at risk.

But we believe our time isn’t about nightmares. It is about dreams. At Thales, we push cyber security technology forward to open doors. We team with our partners on three levels: challenging consultancy, smart solutions and always-on monitoring.

Whether you’re in energy, transportation, banking or defence, now is the time to move ahead. The world needs better, faster, smarter and safer solutions. Now is the time to make the most of now and turn ideas into business opportunities.

Now is our time. A great time.


Cyber Security @Thales

Thales has a long history in the defence, security, aerospace and transportation industries. Around the world we develop resilient networks and value added services to protect citizens, sensitive data and critical infrastructure. We’re constantly pushing security technology to the next level.

Thales Cyber Security Nederland, the Dutch brand of the Critical Information Systems & Cyber Security business unit, offers integrated cyber security solutions to government and enterprises. The mission: the continuous assurance of performance, resilience and security of customers’ critical information systems.

Starting from the business context, we analyse and test the ICT security policies, procedures and systems. We implement and monitor the proposed solutions. With our Cyber Security Maturity Program, we constantly secure your organisation’s cyber security level.

For a long time now, Thales delivers high-quality end high-end cyber security solutions. Our NATO-certified solutions not only protect business data, but also ensures mission critical systems to be operational at all times. This type of protection is becoming more and more important in any line of business.

Director René van Buuren

Relaying on the knowledge and expertise of 1,500 cyber security professionals worldwide, Thales helps creating resilient businesses. In close collaboration with our customers, we offer via consultancy, services and solutions, a higher level of security. Now is the time to think Thales. 

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Thales Cybersecurity
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