Thales at ILA Berlin Air Show 2010

Thales at ILA Berlin Air Show 2010

June 2, 2010

As one of the global leaders in the aerospace industry, Thales stands for innovative mobility and security solutions for civilian and military use. Whether technology for constructing and operating satellites, aircraft products and weapons systems or securing air traffic in the skies and on the ground, Thales offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-tech solutions to meet the demands of both its civilian and military partners. This also means that Thales does its part to reduce environmental pollution caused by air traffic.

Thales Deutschland is Thales group's third largest country organisation and an important technological location for demanding aerospace solutions. These solutions include air traffic management systems and navigation systems for safe air traffic. The test laboratory for the ground segment of the European satellite programme Galileo is located in Pforzheim. The Ulm location is the leading developer of new thrust systems for satellites in collaboration with the DLR (German Aerospace Centre), not to mention its tradition as a manufacturer of travelling wave tubes, also used in navigation systems. The company's location in Koblenz uses simulators to provide realistic education and training for aircraft and helicopter crews. Thales Deutschland also develops powerful CNI products (Communication Navigation Identification) in Pforzheim. These systems are used in aircraft such as aeroplanes and helicopters.

The joint venture companies Diehl Aerospace and Diehl Aircabin headed by Thales and the Diehl Group further underscore German engineering skills in the field of aerospace.

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