Thales occupies a leading position in control systems for transport thanks to its more than 65 years’ experience in Spain and its important contribution to modernising the Spanish railway network and to its participation in high-speed projects.

Thales provides its clients with technology solutions and services that allow them to operate their infrastructures with larger capacities and greater efficiency. Our innovative comprehensive solutions promote fluent flow of people and goods through faster, safer and simpler trips at a lower cost. It has been proven that these solutions provide commercial benefits, among them significant savings in energy and capacity  improvements .


  • Rail Signalling
    Thales leads the way in the transportation market with premier systems to meet rail and public transport needs.
  • Integration communication systems
    The first mega-cities emerged 30 years ago. Now the planet has five times as many urban conglomerations with more than 10 million inhabitants. And still the figures rise.
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