Do you know Arisem?

Do you know Arisem?


Technological excellenceon a fastest growing and fragmented segment of software market

Arisem is acompany integrated into Thales since 2004. This semantic analysis softwaresdesigner proposes Text Mining Products and Solutions for multiple languages(English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and Portuguese). They arecommercialized in three formats:

  • SDK – API for third-party products, allowing the integration of multilanguage text mining and semantic analysis functions into different solutions, like search engines, CRMs, collaborative software, business intelligence solutions. This product is targeted at software developers and integrators
  • Ready-to-use plug-ins for Microsoft Sharepoint and Apache Lucene/SOLR. These plug-ins allow users to have advanced linguistic and semantic analysis functions directly in their applications
  • Standalone Business Intelligence platform KIM that uses Arisem technology to provide in-depth analysis of documents.

Arisem provides unmatched performance

Deployedand tested in the most critical applications (database size up to 100mlndocuments, real-time analysis of up to 40 000 documents per hour)

Itguarantees support of standards (Unicode, OWL,…)

- Easierintegration

- Broaderscope of supported platforms

Arisem ensures a broad support of linguistic resources

Support ofdifferent types of resources – dictionaries, grammars and ontologies – forflexibility and easy integration

Support of ‘legacy’ resources

Semi-automaticintegration of existing linguistic resources and their transformation intostandard formats

Arisem TextMining fuctions are cross-functional across numerous entreprise IT platforms(Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Intranet Search,  Document Management).

Functionsdeveloped by Arisem are based on entreprise- and industry-specific lingusiticresources that are fully reusable on all IT platforms.

Since 2007,Arisem products are used in the most critical environment: in the intelligencesystem of a one of the major National Security agencies in France (100,000people,600 locations,20,000 vehicles,a secure network,crisis management).

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