Based on a unified transmission system with the ‘System 21’, Thales satellite communications solutions ensure a universal use (Land, Air, Naval) with integration capacity over all types of platforms.

A modular and tactical ground segment

With references such as NATO EMS, SYRACUSE III, ISAF-FOC+, YAHSAT, NANSEN, NAVSAT, SYNSAT, KORSAT contracts, Thales offers an operational, interoperable and secured satellite communications solution.

Thales develops innovative solutions organised around the ‘System 21’, a unique multiple waveforms military modem, which is secured, applicable to all platforms and easy to operate. This satellite communications core network ensures interconnection between Thales high-value-added ground stations, developed for joint applications. 

• Military/commercial satellites compatibility
• IP/data/video/voice
• High level of EPM protection
• C/X/Ku/Ka/EHF bands solutions

SatComm Ad
SatComm Ad

Land forces

Naval forces

Tri-service and Operations

  • Very lightweight Manpack and quick set up time
  • Armored vehicles terminals
  • Terminals for security forces vehicles
  • “At the pause” and “on the move” solutions
  • Deployable land terminals
  • Large and small surface ship terminals
  • Submarine terminals
  • Anchor stations
  • Large capacity deployable terminals
  • Secured universal transmission solution ‘System 21’
  • Network management