Training and Simulation Systems and Services

Thales delivers virtual, collective and individual training for the Air Forces. We provide training systems and services, from individual simulators through to fully equipped and staffed training centres.
Our employees design programmes to equip Air Forces personnel with the knowledge and skills required for operational missions and for specific roles, tasks, platforms and equipment.
  • We have a deep understanding of the operational environment and how training can best support complete missions or specific mission systems and personnel.
  • We can simulate any airborne platform
  • Our instructors have real-life experience of the scenarios and challenges faced in military operationsOur partnership approach and range of commercial and training design options allow us to customise training solutions to evolving operational requirements, and financing constraints

Our References


Thales and Airbus Military are delivering a multi-million pound training service for the RAF’s transport aircraft. Working together we have designed and built the A400M Atlas training school which opened in 2014. We are now managing the training service including the installation and maintenance of the full flight simulators and all synthetic training equipment, and supporting the RAF’s own course design team and training staff.


We are one of the primary sub-contractors for the Voyager programme, supplying mission simulators, defensive aids, avionics and mission planning systems. We have delivered a comprehensive training programme for pilots, cabin crew and maintenance staff which includes a full flight simulator at the training school built by Thales.

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Tornado GR4

Thales has a long history of working with the RAF on the Tornado fast-jet. We manage a full training service for the Tornado GR4 including three mission simulators to train RAF pilots and navigators.
  • Air Mission Training System
    The Air Mission Training System is a synthetic training capability, combining equipment, training and support services. Designed to meet modern day challenges faced by Air Forces around the world.