Thales is helping cities to step up to the challenge of growing urbanisation by delivering city wide solutions that offer better and more integrated transport, safety, and security infrastructure that increases efficiency and improves quality of life.
Many municipal services still operate independently of each other. Today they need to share key information and analyse huge quantities of data to make our cities more efficient. Thales has developed tailored solutions that help all the stakeholders in the urban transformation — from security services and transport operators to public agencies, healthcare and energy providers — to work together as a network and share their resources.

Smart city operation management

Thales provides city authorities with the tools they need to operate as high-performance data hubs, helping them to manage movements of people, optimise logistics and respond in real time to incidents and crisis situations. With timely access to relevant information, decision-makers can anticipate events and assign resources as required. Thales solutions help city authorities to deliver services efficiently, empower citizens to interact with their environment and transform the urban space into a more attractive place to live and work.

Smart Security

Thales provides a multi-agency crisis management and control capability, where city authorities effectively coordinate emergency services and civil security forces to efficiently manage their emergency and disaster response. Citizens feel safer, and more secure. This citizen centric approach to security has been proven to deliver a measurable reduction in crime, by as much as 35%, since deployment.

Furthermore, bringing together city security agencies with transport authorities, within a single operational control environment, offers an advanced approach to safety and security. Leveraging recent advances in public transport and traffic video surveillance, and passenger or public information announcement systems, provides the ability to effectively address all safety and security aspects of large event management.

Smart Mobility

Thales builds on today’s multi-modal transport systems to provide an expanding range of passenger services including reservation, travel information, multi-modal ticketing and route choices, updated in real-time and able to be delivered to any connected device including smart-phone or tablet. Innovations in automatic train control enable measurable reductions in power consumption and emissions, and the automated adjustment of capacity to match peaks in passenger demand. When cars are the only option, free-flow road tolling, and automated traffic control enables traffic flow to be smoothed out throughout the city which results in measurably lower journey times. Smart Cities can deliver a seamless integrated transport policy that blurs the boundary between public and private, and which enables greater use of transport modes such as car sharing, ad-hoc cycle hire and use of publicly available electric vehicles.

A key enabler for delivering Smart City benefits is the ability to harness the power of data through advances in data mining. Analysis of all the data made available by closed integration of transport and security systems allows operators and administrators to better plan, operationally and strategically, for the future development of the city.

Based on all these city wide connected assets, and the emergence of next generation technology, Thales now offers fully open and interoperable city systems, that provide an urban environment where citizens can travel easily using private or public transport, in cities where they feel safer, in a more eco-friendly environment