Resilience matters and the countless natural disasters, accidents, physical and cyber attacks underscore why. Being without communications is simply not an option for the armed forces.

Nexium Resilient Networks provide secure, resilient and high-performance networks designed to endure the unexpected. They ensure end-to-end operational communication services 24/7/365 for the armed forces’ most critical and strategic sites where nothing less will do. 


Nexium Resilient Networks guarantee:

Communications no matter what

Nexium Resilient Networks are designed to resist natural disasters, accidents, and physical and cyber attacks. In the event of an incident, they guarantee minimum service continuity and are end-to-end Quality of Service-enabled to prioritise important traffic. Our network supervision system, Nexium View accelerates incident resolution and permanently monitors service availability so the impact of incidents on the ability to execute missions is known instantly. 

Security and Integrity

Nexium Resilient Networks employ secure transportation mechanisms at every level of the network guaranteeing the integrity of communications from end-to-end. At transmission level, they can detect and localise security breaches along the optical fibre. Nexium Resilient Networks have embedded security mechanisms that reduce the number of attack vectors of the network.


Nexium Resilient Networks foster inter-army and interagency interoperability and secures the transportation and integrity of communications from end-to-end. Multi-level security controls access to sensitive information.
Nexium Resilient Networks also foster the interconnection of new technology with legacy. We make sure the old works with the new and develop migration paths with evolutions at the pace and budget of our customers.

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Nexium Resilient Networks in numbers

years of delivering resilient networks to guarantee the critical missions of governments and critical national infrastructure
civil and military personnel at Hexagone-Balard rely on unprecedented network resilience from Thales
availability guaranteed to support the critical missions of our customers
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