Key Points

  • Thales provides defence related land, sea and air solutions to civil and governmental organisations including the UAE armed forces.
  • Main products include on-board electronic systems for the Mirage 2000-9, Crotale MK3, GATR, PR4G F@stnet and Sonar suite.
  • An agreement with Abu Dhabi Ship Building to repair naval forces across the Middle Eastern region was recently signed.


Defence related projects account for roughly 60% of the overall activity in the Middle East, with naval systems, surveillance radars and communications of principal importance. This market is pivotal to the region’s present and future success as it is predicted that defence expenditure in the Middle East will sustain annual growth of 7% from 2015 through to 2017. This significance is clearly reflected within the UAE, with first-class exhibitions and conferences including the IDEX/NAVDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Air show.
Products and solutions that Thales supplies for the UAE’s defence market include:
  • Mirage 2000-9 – Thales supplies on-board electronic systems to the United Arab Emirates Air Force for the Mirage jet fighter, including the Group’s SLAR 2000 radar pod, TV/CT CLDP laser designator pod, Topsight helmet-mounted display and sighting system.
  • Crotale MK3 – The Crotale short range air defence system, supplied with three Counter Battery Radars (COBRA), is supplied by Thales as a result of its membership to the Euro-Art international EWIV joint venture).
  • Ground Air Transmit Receive system (GATR) – Ground-to-air communication systems; supplying data links to the UAE Armed Forces.
  • PR4G F@stnet – A VHF medium distance range tactical radio communication product with simultaneous voice & IP produced by Thales supplied to the UAE.
  • Sonar suite – Compromising of one Captas-2 Variable-Depth Sonar (VDS) and a UMS 4110 hull mounted sonar (HMS), this technology equips the Abu Dhabi Class in the naval domain.