Thales has delivered Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems to the Danish civil authority NAVIAR since 1991 and controls Danish airspace and airports.

Since 1991, Thales has delivered Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems to Denmark in cooperation with NAVIAIR (the Air Navigation Service provider in Denmark). Naviair is a state enterprise under the Ministry of Transport & Energy and controls 158,000 square kilometres of airspace.

Thales has over fifty years of experience in designing and implementing radars and ATM systems and provides a complete multisensory surveillance solution. In Denmark, Thales has installed an ATM system (COOPANS – TopSky ATC and radars) that controls Danish airspace and the airports of Copenhagen, Billund and Roskilde.

Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Austria and Croatia are working together by using the COOPANS system, ensuring harmonisation through a joint product roadmap.

This system benefits from the most advanced capabilities to ensure a safe and efficient operation in high traffic densities and complex airspace structures. Thales is maintaining the system until 2018.