InFlyt Experience 

Thales InFlyt Experience has a rich heritage in aerospace and system integration, and is recognized for its ingenuity and ability to introduce new capabilities to the in-flight entertainment market. From the nuances of cabin lighting, to the interactivity of in-flight entertainment (IFE) and connectivity systems, Thales helps airlines design a relaxing atmosphere onboard. Among the new technologies recently introduced by Thales is the 23-inch in-seat display, offering an unprecedented viewing experience for passengers on long-haul commercial flights. 

Air Traffic Management 

For more than 80 years, Thales ATM has supplied ATM solutions for the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of Defense, and directly to airports. Today, over 99% of the instrument landing systems at U.S. airports are Thales systems. Additionally, Thales is supplying more than 1,200 ADS-B radios across the country as part of the FAA’s SBS program to modernize the U.S. air traffic management system. Further, with engagement in both NextGen – through activities such as the Data Comm Trial Automation Platform and Data Comm Integrated Services – and as a key member of SESAR in Europe, Thales assists in harmonizing efforts between the U.S., Europe and the rest of the world.

 Avionic Services World Wide

Thales Avionics Services Worldwide Americas, part of the global footprint of Thales avionics support bases and facilities, provides support activity for flight avionics equipment. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, Thales has extensive and recognized expertise for providing avionics services on every type of aircraft - from large airliners to business jets and helicopters. Thales offers flexible services tailored to thousands of customers. This group also includes Thales Avionics Trading, an aftermarket specialist for all your critical spare parts needs.

Thales Components Corp.

Thales Components Corp., based in Totowa, N.J., is the world's leading manufacturer of Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs) and amplifiers for satellite downlink communication and TWTs for ground-based uplink applications. Our 50 years of experience has provided superior production capabilities and decisive technical innovation. Our portfolio covers L- to V-band for space and from C- to Q-band for terrestrial applications.