The GCC-PCB has extendedly proven to be a reliable, involved and capable partner.
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The GCC-PCB is more than just a supplier. Our broad experience and high competence enable us to offer effective support in the development of your product. This may be a product of high complexity or a prototype. This form of Concurrent Engineering, in close co-operation with the customer, stimulates a quick and efficient development process. GCC-PCB has extendedly proven to be a reliable, involved and capable partner.

Our offer
We offer exactly what you need with respect to prototypes and small series of high-end printed circuit boards.
The GCC-PCB (Group Competence Center - Printed Circuit Boards) is part of the Thales Group. The department operates as an independent company with its own sales team for business to business relations, who is in direct contact with customers. We draw on the knowledge and research of the whole Thales Group, but operating independently, we are flexible and effective.
The GCC-PCB consists of several departments;
•    Work preparation
•    Technology
•    Logistics
•    Quality management
•    Production.
Overall, GCC-PCB employs about 50 staff members. Our joint commitment and ample experience enable us to deliver a high-quality product in an efficient way.

In the sixties, a beginning was made with the development of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and substrates. Little was known yet on the subject of printed wiring, and Thales Nederland performed a pioneering role in this field. In those days, Thales Nederland manufactured everything itself, including the production machines. The PCB department, in that time for instance, operated a photo plotter and exposure machine made in-house.

Thales Group - GCC History 1
The product was still in its infancy, but developments went very rapidly. From a bilayer, the product evolved to an assembly comprising of 40 layers. With this, Thales Nederland was well ahead compared to other printed circuit manufacturers.  Thales Nederland further distinguished itself in the areas of thin layers and materials. In 1969 the production department took off. Visual inspection played an important part in that period. Testers examined and checked all layers personally.

In the seventies, Thales Nederland proceeded to buy machines, which enabled it to adapt its plant very specifically to the company's complex requirements. This development yielded machines that could handle thin materials. In those years, too, in cooperation with machine suppliers the manual process was gradually automated.

At the end of the eighties, the product development of foam strip line was started. At the beginning of the development we could handle 2 meter long prints. Currently a maximum length of eight meters is possible! This ensures a limitation of the electrical losses and considerable reduction in weight.

In the beginning of the nineties, the complex product requirements made accuracy a factor of growing importance. Precision
Thales Group - GCC History 2
increased  in drilling, precision increased, the capacity was expanded and ever smaller holes could be made.

At the end of the nineties, the former multilayer department, together with the substrates activity, was converted into an independent entity, which developed  into an accountable unit.

The Multi Functional Carrier (MFC) is one of the product developments of GCC-PCB. This board integrates digital and HF layers. A unique development, almost unequalled anywhere in the world, providing a strongly integrated functionality and a huge weight saving. Further developments are, for example, the reduction of track widths and vias.

In 2014 Thales Nederland build an entire new facility and the name changed into Group Competence Center for PCB’s.
Thales Group - Thales GCC Building

In short: a department with a history, a department with a future.
FR4, PI, a large variety of RF materials (Rogers and teflons) and their combinations together with metal core materials like aluminium, BeO and AlSi and copper is present. An overview of all approved materials will be available soon.

Films & exposure size  
Maximum standard size: 24” x 48”/609.6mm x 1219.2 mm
Special long film size: 24” x maximum of 400”  / 600mm x 10 Meters
Panel sizes
9” x 12” = 228.6 x 304.8 mm
12” x 18” = 304.8 x 457.2 mm
18” x 24” = 457.2 x 609.6 mm
24” x 48” = 609.6 x 1117.6 mm
Etching precision and tolerances  
Minimum width line and spacing: 2 mil
Minimum etching tolerances: ± 10 µm
Plasma etching
Programs for desmear, back-etch and teflon materials
Maximum aspect ratio: 10
Pulse plating  
Drilling and milling diameters and tolerances  
Minimum drilling diameter: 0.1 mm
Minimum corner radius milling: 0.4 mm
Depth milling and drilling tolerance : + 0.05 / 0 mm
Optical alignment  
Chemical Nickel / Gold standard 5 / 0.05 µm
Chemical Nickel / Gold special for wire bonding 5 / 0.5 µm
Chemical Nickel / Gold special for wire bonding 5 / 0.5 µm
Galvanic Sn  
Galvanic Au  
Dry film solder mask thickness 2 or 4 mil
Wet film soldermask  
The GCC specializes in Rigid, Flex-rigid & Flex PCB’s.
Thales Group - PCB
 With an unique capability of long Flexible Circuits, called F.I.T. (Flexible Interconnect Technology).

GCC-PCB distinguishes itself with small series and prototypes. We have an extensive experience in RF products due to the core activity of Thales Netherlands. Our experience in high-frequency (RF) products is an added value in our contribution to the development of your product. GCC-PCB has developed products with a length of 10 meters as well as Multi Functional Carriers.

Products for RF

Microwave and RF Circuits
•    Flexible antenna up to 10 meters long
•    Teflon multilayer circuits including integrated SMT components
Thales Group - Laser align

•    Teflon circuits with heavy metal backing

Multi Functional Carriers
•    Combinations of a microwave layer, a stripline layer and a digital board in one board

Products for digital

Multilayer boards
•    FR4, FR4+, polyimide, etc
•    Buried and blind vias
•    Stacked & staggered micro via’s
•    Heat sinks, coin technology
•    Depth milling and drilling
Flex boards and Flex-rigid boards
•    Polyimide
•    Stiffeners
•    Multi layer flex  up to panel sizes of 24”x 48“,
•    Mono and bilayer boards up to lengths of 10 meters.
•    High voltage applications

PCB tests
Advanced Automatic Optical Inspection, Flying probe bare board testing and cross
Thales Group - Flying probe test

section analysis is used


Customer specific test & inspection capability
Environmental Stress Screening
Thermal cycling

ISO 9001 certified
AS 9100 rev C certified
ISO 14001 certified
MIL-PRF-31032 certified
MIL-PRF-55110 certified (FR4 and Polyimide)
Monthly MIL/IPC class 3 sample check by certified laboratory
IPC member
IPC-6012 (Rigid), 6018 (RF), 6013(Flex) PCB  production class 3/A
IPC-A-600, 610 class 2 & 3 certified PCB operators/trainers
Continuous improvement management
Based on TPS, LEAN  (SIM, 8D, DMAIC, Six Sigma, SPC)






Get in touch with the GCC-PCB. We will be pleased to answer all questions you may have or to make a quotation.
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