A supply chain that benefits everyone

Our suppliers are as ambitious and innovative as we are. They play a crucial part in meeting the needs of our customers, so it’s only right that we invest in and nurture strong, lasting relationships with them.

Thales in the UK take on suppliers from right around the world, but around 85% of them are right here in the UK. Shopping local is just one of the ways we contribute to our economy and jobs market.

We spend around £750 million a year with our suppliers. But we don’t just buy from them; we provide best in class development support to help them grow, improve and become more competitive. We offer all of our suppliers the opportunity to implement our Thales Supply Chain Improvement Framework, and also help many of them complete the UK’s SC21 programme, which is aimed at creating world class supply chains for the UK aerospace, defence, space and security sectors.

We take laws and regulations seriously at Thales in the UK, and we expect our suppliers to, too. We’re a member of the UN Global Compact Network, which defines and implements social regulations to foster “a more beneficial relationship between business and society”. In line with our member commitments, we only work with reputable suppliers who support our ethical policies and values, and uphold our cultural commitments.
Healthy relationships with our suppliers lead to better outcomes for our customers, and a better deal for the UK. We’re proud of the way we do business at Thales in the UK.