Each day brings brand new challenges and bold new opportunities to the UK. We have the resources, knowledge and appetite to take them on. With a heritage dating back to the late 1800s, we know the UK inside out – and we’re determined to achieve the very best for it.

Key figures

of our 2016 spend was with UK suppliers
years of UK heritage
veterans and reservists employed across the UK

Investing in tomorrow

Across our business we research and develop game-changing ideas, and nurture some of the UK’s brightest thinkers and creators in the process.
  • Innovation in our DNA
    Here at Thales in the UK, we’re innovators. In partnership with leaders in academia and industry we deliver ground-breaking research, cutting-edge design and transformative technology that drives growth in the UK and beyond.
  • Investing in the next generation of engineers
    Thales in the UK makes great engineers. With the 2017 Engineering UK report revealing that we’re likely to need 265,000 people with engineering skills each year until 2024, we know that some of our wisest investments are in the upcoming generation.

Changing the world, responsibly

We’re fast paced, competitive and driven to grow. But that’s never at the expense of the way we do business.

We’re committed to achieving the very best for the Thales in the UK team, our wider community and our planet – every step of the way.
  • A trusted partner
    The people we all rely on to keep our nation moving – they rely on Thales in the UK. Our customers know that we’ll never fail to deliver the technology and solutions that they depend on.
  • Our UK supply chain
    Our suppliers are as ambitious and innovative as we are. They play a crucial part in meeting the needs of our customers, so it’s only right that we invest in and nurture strong, lasting relationships with them.
  • Acting responsibly and sustainably
    Our corporate responsibility mission lies at the very heart of everything we do.