Who we are

We’re a 6,500 strong team of experts, located across the UK. We have unrivalled experience across every major industry we serve - working around the clock to make life better and keep us safer.

Do you ever stop to think about the services that keep our country moving each day? How about the technology that keeps us safe? With us, you don’t have to. We help our customers think faster and act smarter, no matter what they’re faced with.

We pride ourselves on being globally competitive, demonstrated by the 120% growth in exports we have achieved since 2013.

At Thales in the UK, we prioritise our exports around the following capabilities:These exports are vital in supporting our UK workforce - consisting of 4,000 highly skilled engineers - and allowing us to invest £500 million into our UK supply chain every year.

We’re part of something big

Spanning across 56 countries, Thales Group helps make the world go round. We work with over 60,000 colleagues across the globe each day to keep the public secure, guard vital infrastructure and protect national security.

We’re agile. We’re innovative. We’re accountable for our actions, and committed to excellence. We invest in our people, and value the unwavering trust of our customers and employees. The way we do things upholds the powerful vision and values of the global Thales Group.


Key figures

employees worldwide
million euros (R&D)

We stay ahead of the curve

Our customers’ biggest challenges are our greatest opportunities. As infrastructure broadens, our engineering capabilities advance. As risk increases, our technology evolves.

The organisations that look after the UK rely on us. From the Four Lines Modernisation programme for Transport for London to situational awareness sensors and systems for the Royal Navy, we deliver extraordinary solutions to meet the complex needs of our country’s civil and defence markets.
Thales Group - UK Aerospace Fact 1600x600
We are the number one global provider of air traffic management systems, equipping more than 160 air traffic control centres, covering over 40% of the world’s airspace. This eases the congestion in our crowded skies and reduces delays to flights.
Thales Group - UK Defence Fact 1600x600
We provide the eyes and ears for the Royal Navy; situational awareness sensors and systems, allowing fleets to safely execute missions with greater visibility of their surroundings out at sea.
Thales Group - Transportation Fact 1600x600
We are currently working with Transport for London to deliver the Four Lines Modernisation (4LM) programme. 4LM is a project to upgrade the signalling systems of the Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines, increasing the overall capacity and efficiency of the London Underground.
Thales Group - Security Fact 1600x600
We conducted a ‘cyber health check’ for Williams consisting of risk assessment and mitigation, fishing campaign and utilising of CHEAT – our Cyber Human Error Assessment Tool. Our work with Williams helped ensure they were protected from cyber security attacks enabling them to be race ready.
Thales Group - Space Fact 1600x600
We have worked with the UK Space Agency to open the UK’s first Space Propulsion Integration Centre in Belfast, making propulsion systems for satellites. The propulsion systems enhance the satellites’ manoeuvrability, improving their connectivity with electronic equipment back on earth.

UK locations and management

  • Our UK locations
    The UK wouldn’t be the same without Thales. We’re breaking ground in every corner of the country, every day. Our 12 key sites and several smaller customer-facing sites span all the way from the South West to Glasgow.
  • Senior Management Team
    Our Senior management team has extensive experience across every major industry we serve. They keep Thales in the UK moving, so we can keep the world turning.
  • Board of Directors
    Our directors set and oversee our strategic direction, allowing us to make the greatest impact both at home and worldwide.