Thales at the Singapore Air Show 2018

The Singapore Air Show is one of the world’s most important aerospace and defence exhibitions, and the largest in Asia. From 6 to 11 February 2018, expect to see booths by over 1,000 companies from 50 countries. Thales will be there, both as a proud supporter of Singapore’s digital transformation and for you to interact with our latest innovations!


Top reasons to be excited about the Thales stand (#F23)

Thales Group - inflyt360 sas

  1. At the Thales stand, you get to enter a fuselage without getting onboard a plane.
    To showcase our latest InFlyt 360 inflight experience, a life-size fuselage will be present at the booth, where visitors can enter and immerse themselves in Thales’s futuristic digital flight entertainment offerings
  2. You will be flying on HeliMission: a VR-based flight training demonstrator.
    The HeliMission demonstrator allows customers to experience the excellence of Thales’s training solution by flying a specially designed immersive simulator with head-mounted VR display and controls equivalent to a level D qualified AW138 helicopter full flight simulator.
  3. See state-of-the-art defence and space equipment in action!
    In a dedicated defence and space room, an interactive video wall will tell the story of radars, missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) developed by Thales. This experience is enhanced with hardware from missiles, radars, UAVs and satellites on display in the same room. Discover the increased potential of this equipment when it goes digital!
  4. Experience what pilots of the future will be flying with
    On display will be some of Thales’s hallmark digital innovations: Aviobook, a user-friendly Electronic Flight Bag software solution, and AvioConnect, a communication application for different actors around the aircraft. Visitors are free to play around with these!
  5. Join Thales on a #DigitalJourney
    From production and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) to in-flight entertainment, Thales’s booth incorporates digital every step of the way. You are invited to discover “the digital airline”, “digital airport & digital air traffic management” as well as “digitalised armed forces”. Are you ready for a glimpse into the digital future of aerospace and defence?


Thales as a key player in Singapore’s digital transformation

The Singapore Air Show 2018 takes place in the context of Singapore’s exciting digital transformation journey. Highly ambitious and already ahead of the race toward becoming a digital nation, Singapore is looking to technology as both a key economic driver and as a means to create a more engaging nation. At Thales, we are proud to support Singapore on its journey. Whether it is transporting people from one place to another or securing digital transactions, Singapore can rely on Thales’s solutions.
Thales Group - digitalising singapore

Committed to developing the next generation of talents

But it is not just about the technology. Singapore prides itself on developing some of the finest talents in the industry. Thales does not strive to be a mere technology provider; we are committed to developing the next generation of talents for the country.
Our strategic academic partnership with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) resulted in the establishment of two research laboratories: CINTRA, for nanotechnologies, and S4TIN, where new technologies for micro and nano-satellites are explored. The Thales-NTU partnership was recently ranked #50 in the ranking by prestigious journal Nature of the world’s top 100 corporate-academic partnerships.

The Thales Innovation Hub in Singapore brings some of the best minds together for cross-functional collaborations in co-designing, prototyping and testing new concepts across a wide range of industries. We also partnered with Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) to attain fresh perspectives and to grow a pool of design-conscious engineering talents in Singapore. And, with the only Research & Technology (R&T) centre in Asia, Thales is able to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from Europe to Singapore and to develop innovative prototypes and solutions for a variety of markets.

At Thales, when it comes to fulfilling Singapore’s digital nation ambition, we do whatever it takes.

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