With the increasing volume of data exchanged over connected networks organizations face an increasingly broad range of internal and external threats. Cybersecurity has moved to the top of many risk agendas – especially those with Critical Infrastructure.

Our consultants will identify, describe and explain those risks to you, specific to your industry and your situation. Once you know the risks, we can help you take action.

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It is important to recognize that an effective and comprehensive data security strategy cannot be accomplished in a single step, but should be viewed as a journey. Given that data is now distributed across a broad array of applications, devices and resources, discovery is a good place to start. Despite the optimism of our earlier stats, nearly half of global respondents don’t have a great handle on where all their data is located.

Comprehensive data controls are an obvious next step; from encryption to solution design and implementation, let us help you secure your Critical Infrastructure.

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Cybersecurity operations

Thales Security Operations Centre (SOC) conducts proactive monitoring for detection of threats in real-time, continuous threat analysis of alerts with integrated threat intelligence, investigation, response to incidents and prevents cybersecurity incidents using varying countermeasures. The Thales SOC is staffed with skilled security analysts, efficient processes using world-class security incident and event management technologies to provide SOC services that will help protect your organization and evolve as threats and your organization change.
Cybersecurity Team