Analyze contents on the social web with Osint Lab

Considerable data is exchanged daily on social networks. Their anonymous flow shelters information that can be critical for States. To sort relevant information within this noise for the purpose of producing intelligence: such is the role of Osint Lab, a solution for navigating the social web designed by Thales and adopted by the French Gendarmerie Nationale.

A smart tool to keep watch on social networks

No serious intelligence system today can afford to overlook social networks. Though much of underground activities takes place elsewhere, trends show themselves on social networks, and valuable information is exchanged there.
With Osint Lab, Thales has developed a smart surveillance system able to detect relevant data on the social web - blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc ... – most notably to anticipate and prevent threats. This system has been adopted by the French Gendarmerie Nationale (PJGN) as a tool to assist it in the fight agaisnt cybercrime.
The platform can operate in two different modes:

  • In "sleep" mode, to identify dominant themes surfacing from the exchanges;
  • In "investigation" mode, to extract relevant information for a specific enquiry.


Analyze and visualize for the sake of intelligence

Osint Lab provides the PJGN's gendarmes with several interfaces to explore data, including:

  • An observation report generation tool that allows to analyze messages, their contents, their authors, their sources, leaving a great deal of freedom to the analyst ;
  • A graphical visualization tool to analyze relationships, detect connections, identify communities ...

Osint Lab brings the PJGN's intelligence system a privileged access to dive into the heart of the social web, make sense of it, fight against cybercrime and anticipate terrorist threats.