For the third consecutive year, Thales and Edisoft were sponsors at the NATO CYBER DEFENSE CONFERENCE, this year to commemorate its 3rd edition.

The conference held, as usual, at the Military Academy of Amadora, on 27 and 28 April.

With a record of 328 entries, the balance of this issue was once again a success.

The event provided a unique opportunity to explore new ideas, strengthened the development of synergies by stimulating cooperation with industry and academia, reinforcing the complementarity of NATO-EU efforts and encouraging cooperation between all Smart Defense and Pooling & Sharing in the field of cyber-security and cyber-defense.

In the speaker panel, Thales and Edisoft were represented by Patrick Castaings (Cyber ​​International Director) of  THALES Cybersecurity and Critical Information Systems, and Timóteo Menezes (Cyber ​​Manager) of  EDISOFT.

At the Thales / EDISOFT booth, we had Cybels Range and Cybels Sensor & Decision.

The conference concluded with a speech followed by a visit to the booths, by the Secretary of State for National Defense, Marcos Perestrello.