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Thales promotes a workshop to discover the future of mobility

Thales in partnership with IST (Instituto Superior Técnico) promoted last week, November 27, a workshop on Mobility, which brought together representatives from the main transport operators and municipalities of Greater Lisbon, IST professors and Thales specialists.

Mobility is one of the themes of the moment, which served as a motto for a very productive morning. Combining the concept with digital transformation that we have all witnessed, the various protagonists of the event have joined together to collaboratively discuss future solutions in the area of ​​transportation.

At the opening of this event, as a guest speaker, Engineer Miguel Gaspar, councilor of the Lisbon City Council with the theme of mobility, had the opportunity to inspire workshop participants with the vision of CM Lisboa on the evolution of Mobility and the challenges that which closes, where he stressed "We need a revolution in the concept of mobility", and then discusses some of the initiatives that CM Lisboa is preparing to develop in this area. Drawing on his vast knowledge of the subject, he highlighted the need to address some key ideas that tend to point out this need for change, the Councilor to create new models of collaboration, emphasizing the role of digital in this change and all opportunities that may from this new ecosystem.

Afterwards, participants were divided by work teams who exchanged views on the future of mobility, outlining responses to the problems that were being raised in this first workshop, highlighting "What is the best offer that can complement the current mobility ecosystem by adding value to the offer of transportation, "" how to resolve the conflicts of information sharing and underlying business models, "or" how to engage the passenger in improving the mobility service "; were some of the topics that sparked the exchange of ideas and the critical thinking of participants

It was then time, through the guidance of Professor Luís Caldas de Oliveira, vice president of the Technician for entrepreneurship and business relations, to know the heterogeneity of the teams and to immerse themselves in the proposed work: to present constructive solutions to the problems identified. The goal was to "think outside the box", using creativity and diverse experience, culminating the work of the session in a final poster that brought together the best solution and three themes to deepen, which will serve as a motto for the second session of this workshop, the February next year.