THALES at the Smart Mobility Summit Lisbon

The Smart Mobility Summit 2017 was held for the first time in Lisbon at the CCB on 3rd and 4rd of May.

Thales Portugal was present.
João Mira - Technology and Innovation Manager - talked about the use of sensors and the advanced data processing to allow smart city experience.

The conference was the first event in Portugal exclusively dedicated to the industry, after several successful editions in cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, San Francisco, Frankfurt, etc.
The state-of-the-art of the Smart Cities, the Internet of Things, Wifi and the evolution from 4G to 5G were the main addressed topics.

The development of a 'smart' city will certainly only be successful if at the same time the mobility is intelligent and optimized.

Thales builds on today’s multi-modal transport systems to provide an expanding range of passenger services including reservation, travel information, multi-modal ticketing and route choices, updated in real-time and able to be delivered to any connected device including smart-phone or tablet.
Innovations in automatic train control enable measurable reductions in power consumption and emissions, and the automated adjustment of capacity to match peaks in passenger demand.
Smart Cities can deliver a seamless integrated transport policy that blurs the boundary between public and private, and which enables greater use of transport modes such as car sharing, ad-hoc cycle hire and use of publicly available electric vehicles.

A key enabler for delivering Smart City benefits is the ability to harness the power of data through advances in data mining. Analysis of all the data made available by closed integration of transport and security systems allows operators and administrators to better plan, operationally and strategically, for the future development of the city.

Based on all these city wide connected assets, and the emergence of next generation technology, Thales now offers fully open and interoperable city systems, that provide an urban environment where citizens can travel easily using private or public transport, in cities where they feel safer, in a more eco-friendly environment