Thales is the first IPMA Delta® certified organization in Portugal

In 2016, Thales Portugal decided to apply for IPMA Delta® Certification.
Assessment Criteria are derived from the Reference Model of IPMA Delta® consisting of the three modules: “O” (Organisation), “P” (Projects) and “I” (Individuals).
 The Assessment was conducted by APOGEP, IPMA’s Portuguese association for Project managers using the IPMA Delta Regulations and Guidelines (IDRG) Version 1.0 as accepted by the International Project Management Association (IPMA).
Thales Portugal was awarded an IPMA Delta®  Competence Class 3 Certificate, valuing a very strong project oriented organisation, with a strong culture, enthusiastic people and a strong management involvement.

Thales Portugal IPMA Delta Competence Class 3 Certificate was delivered to Engº João Araujo by Mr. Reinhard Wagner, IPMA President, and Mr. António Andrade Dias, APOGEP President, on the 27th of March, in Lisbon, during the International Project Management Conference “Meet the Experts”, organized by APOGEP (Associação Portuguesa de Gestão de Projectos).

After achieving the certification of Project Management team with 2 IPMA Level A, 6 IPMA Level B, 11 IPMA Level C and 76 IPMA Level D, I am proud by the fact that Thales Portugal is the first IPMA Delta® certified organization in Portugal. It is the recognition of Thales Portugal Project project, programme and portfolio management  skills, competences and practices by an external organizations like APOGEP and IPMA.

João Araújo, Thales Portugal Country Director