Thales’s Lightweight Multirole Missile on show at IMDEX

A full-scale model of Thales UK’s Lightweight Multirole Missile (LMM) can be seen at IMDEX on the Thales stand (number K13).

Following three years of development, LMM will now move forward into full development, qualification and initial production, following contract award by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Qualification testing will take place during 2012 with production starting at the end of the year, and deliveries scheduled to commence in 2013. LMM will first enter service with the UK Armed Forces aboard the new Wildcat Lynx helicopter.

Specific activities covered under the MoD contract include the design, development and qualification of the laser beam rider version of LMM, together with production of an initial quantity of 1,000 missiles.
LMM is a low-cost, lightweight missile, the development of which began in 2008. It has been designed to be launched from a variety of naval, air and land platforms against a wide range of threats. LMM’s ability to engage a wide spectrum of targets with precision reduces collateral damage and it is suitable for asymmetric littoral operations.

The LMM programme has made significant progress since its launch. Development is at an advanced stage and Thales has conducted successful guidance control firings in recent months, including for the first time a semi-active laser (SAL) version.

In parallel with the UK MoD programme, Thales plans to continue the development of the LMM suite of missiles for land, sea and air launched applications.

Thales has a long association with air defence missiles, such as Javelin, Starburst and Starstreak, and LMM is part of the company’s plan to enter in other lightweight missile sectors.

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Notes to editors

Core characteristics of LMM:

  • Low cost
  • Precision strike out to ranges of >6km – low collateral damage
  • Wide range of targets – land, sea & air
  • Launch from Lightweight air, land & sea platforms

Diameter: 76 mm
Length: 1.3 m
Max range: 6000m >> 8000m
Max: mach ~1.5
Max weight: 13 kg
Min range: 400 m
Wing span: .26 m
Warhead weight: 3.0 kg
Propulsion: 2-stage solid propellant

Multi-mode guidance
Laser beam riding and/or semi active laser
IR terminal homing
Laser proximity sensor
Modular warhead options
Low cost


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