The armed forces today are often confronted with unpredictable threats in complex environments and in close proximity to civilian populations, such as urban or coastal areas. Thales supports governments as they seek to modernise their force protection, territorial protection and high-value asset protection systems, and helps to ensure the highest possible levels of operational effectiveness and precision.

Protection: Thales offers a broad range of solutions to provide protection at every level — from infantry soldiers on the battlefield to an entire nation. Thales defines two levels of protection:

  • Security: protection of critical installations, territorial integrity, port and coastal facilities as well as sea and air lines of communication.
  • Defence: protection of military bases as well as land, air and naval forces. These solutions include all types of threats, including asymmetric threats such as IEDs (improvised explosive devices).


Engagement: Thales designs integrated mission and combat systems to provide forces with an unparalleled operational capability.


Thales is the only company in Europe with the ability to provide a full range of solutions from early warning to neutralisation of conventional, asymmetric and tactical missile threats.

Thales is also the only manufacturer in the world to offer systems with the capability to control both the main American and European missiles from different types of platforms.

A leading supplier of electronic subsystems for missiles and precision-guided munitions, Thales designs, develops and produces high-performance seekers and proximity fuzes. The advanced technologies involved have applications in every segment of this market and meet the requirements of all missile types, including air-to-air, air-to-surface, cruise missiles and anti-ship missiles as well as torpedoes.